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Walks Of Life A : (LVi1)

Project: Pathways Through With Christ

Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ (Picture Above)

Welcome, we evangelize together interactively.
Following "By the Way With Christ!"
Virtual Book 1:"Paths of Life: 1"

The First Book Project "By Paths With Christ!" presents Prayers, Rosaries, Novena and informational texts that invite us to Reflections, because in the Ways of Life in the lead "By Paths With Christ."
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"By the Way to Christ! ".
With this phrase, this thought, I have been present more than a life project, or a work of a set of texts that would form a book, but an invitation, a proposal for a reflection on the various ways we have in our lives, as choose them, which direction to take. " More than understanding is to understand and experience the way forward. And Always have a goal, victory, never forgetting that all of them and every moment, live them in and with Christ, whether in sorrow or in joy, be a decision, a dialogue or in silence, in an instant reflection, whether in professional, personal, family or even religious, whether in prayer, acts or words.
No matter what time of our lives, the way we should follow or we decide to follow Jesus Christ must have as Largest Centre and Reason, is the maternal protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the intercession of the Saints or the intervention of angels and archangels, We must at all times seek the Straight Path, the Supreme Truth to achieve eternal life, and so we experience the greatest happiness created by the Father, redeemed by the Son and anointed by the Holy Spirit, we possess the resurrection, that is, victory over death.
That during these readings, we can understand in our hearts and discern the many ways to live our lives with Christ.
And may we follow the good examples of our parents, educators, our teachers, to live with dignity and wisdom, to leave and be the best for our children. Reaching the future with Jesus in his heart.

Father Jorge Sampaio
sebastiao.lorena @ bol.com.br
04/03/2006 10:02
Bottom of Form 1
Dear brother Sebastian,
It was with great joy that we received your e-mail here at the National Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida. My dear, my beautiful this tiny but rich prayer. Everything is correct in his prayers, especially this year we are living in the project of evangelization CNBB: "We want to see Jesus the way, truth and life"! You did right, because every Christian must create praises and supplications to the Lord, than those which the Church teaches and constitutes official prayers. It is not wrong to claim that the Holy eyes of Christ in showing the way forward, because everything is holy in Christ. When Jesus was incarnate in the womb of Mary, he took the human form, thus forming the so-called human nature in harmony with the divine nature. Congratulations and the Saints Eyes of Christ to show you where the best way to go and always walk away from all evils.
Receive my blessing and be at peace.
Father Jorge Sampaio
"Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ";
Show us;
The Way, the Truth and the Life; (Jo14, 6)
Now and Always. Amen! ""

Á Trinity!By the sign of Santa Cruz;
Deliver us God the Father, from evil thoughts;
Deliver us God the Son, the bad words;
Deliver us God the Holy Spirit, the bad feelings;
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!
Ejaculation Saints Eyes of Jesus!
Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ;
Show us;
The Way, the Truth and the Life; (Jo14, 6)
Now and Always. Amen!
Third Eye Byzantine Saints of Jesus Christ! (2-2 ° mode)1st Mystery: Jesus 2 - Eyes of Jesus teach us to contemplate the love of God for humanity;
2 Mystery: Eyes of Jesus leads our gaze; 2 - Eyes of Jesus leading our gaze to those in need of brotherly love;
3rd Mystery: Eyes of Jesus shows us the Truth 2 - Eyes of Jesus show us the Truth that comes from Your Word;
4 Mystery: Eyes of Jesus Santos protect our vision, 2 - Eyes of Jesus purify and sanctify our gaze;
5th Mystery: Thank you Lord Jesus. 2 - Eye of Jesus give us feelings and words of gratitude.
Prayer Saints Eyes!Lord Jesus, who sees everything, (Eclesiástico16 0.16 to 23)
Nothing hides to Your Look;
Deliver us from all evil;
Do not let you fall in adversity;
With Thine Eyes Saints lead our vision;
Moving away from the temptation, greed, envy and greed;
Let see the path of Truth, the Light of Life, seeing your face in the face of each brother; (NM6 0.22 to 27)
Teach us to look at what is right, clear, transparent;
Use our eyes to see things like You Lord;
The handsome, with deep, with kindness;
The terms a look Lord, meek, quiet, humble, and we can see his brother with respect and be servants to the next;
Bless the Lord Jesus, all our eyes, until the hour of our death. Amen!

Novena Devotion to the Saints in Eyes of Jesus Christ!By the sign of Santa Cruz; ...
Our Father, ...
Hail Mary, ...
Glory to the Father ...
Ejaculation ...

First Day
Remember the Birth of the Child Jesus, where God was seeing how his people, sent his Son Jesus to save us. (LC2, 7)
We can ask the Child Jesus to teach us to look at the world as a child, without malice, with purity, joy and innocence.
Prayer ...
Saint Lucy, pray for us;
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

Second Day
Jesus in the Temple, he sees and talks to the lawyers to observe the teachings of God. (LC2, 46)
To observe and learn as well to observe, look and observe the Commandments of God.

Third Day
Jesus sees discrimination and attempted stoning of the sinful woman who had been caught in adultery, and intervene by saying, "Who is without sin cast the first stone," making them even saw the harm that could have committed.
Jesus allows us to look within ourselves and know us away from sin, following the path of truth and life, and looking at the attitude of Jesus can reach out to his brother to help him and be more supportive with each other . (Jo8 0.1 to 11)

Fourth Day
Jesus the Son of God, a man who had power, you see those blind persistence in seeking it and the cure. (Mt20 0.29 to 34) (Mc10 0.51 to 52) (Lc18 0.42 to 43)
Jesus not only heal our physical ailments, but primarily heal our eyes, we see everyone and everything with the Eyes of Christ, with meekness, purity, and move away from wickedness, and evil temptations.

Fifth Day
On the night of the Last Supper, Jesus broke the bread and distributed along with the wine to his disciples, showing them that it is now His Body and Blood. That same night saw Jesus with Eyes of the Heart would be betrayed and knew who would betray him, yet to fulfill the Will of the Father (Lc22 0.1 to 23)
We look at the Consecration at Mass, we remember the moment when the disciples followed Jesus. To accompany us all the time, ask Jesus to teach us to look at people, things with eyes of the heart to obtain insight into our actions, fulfilling the will of the Father
"Never, Lord, anywhere, stop looking at your people and help him" (Wisdom 19, 22b).

Sixth Day
Have crucified Jesus, giving his life to save ourselves, sees his mother Mary and his disciple John, and says: "Woman, behold your son, Son behold your Mother" and so shows us that He has left a mother and now intercedes for us with her Son. (Jo19 0.25 to 27)
Remember the words of Jesus, and look with more attention and affection for our mothers, abandoned by their mothers, mothers who are in nursing homes, for our brethren we pray to Mother Mary to intercede for all men and women and children learn how to look at and ensure all mothers who need aid, with a heart of fraternity and solidarity.

Seventh Day
The Roman guard (Centurion) at the cross, look at Jesus crucified and already dead when it has expired and says: "He is really the Son of God ... so ..."; The Fair was recognized as truly Son of God. (Lc23 0.44 to 49)
We also, in joy and sorrow, we can truly recognize Jesus as the Son of God and our Lord and Savior.

Eighth Day
Jesus is risen, alleluia! - It's a new life, light a new path, the supreme Truth, resurrected to save us, the victory of life over death, giving us a new vision of hope, and life path ...
Jesus allows seeing this light, follow this path, we live this truth every time. That in our darkest hours we can remember this victory, remember that we are not alone, and also we die forever in our mistakes, but risen learning, growing, maturing to a new and better life living with others. (LC24 from 0.1 to 12) (Jo20 0.1 to 10)

Ninth day.
Jesus already victorious by his resurrection, appears to the disciples and they believed. Thomas was not with them and he did not believe, (Jo20, 19-24); other day the disciples were together again and this time Thomas was with them, Jesus appears again (Jo20, 26b-28), and tells Thomas that if approaches and touch and Thomas says: "My Lord and my God" (Jo20, 28), Jesus replied: "You believed because you saw me? Blessed to have believed without seeing "(Jo20, 29).
We can follow and grow in our faith, taking the word of Jesus. We can believe, understand, believe, without having seen, heard, touched, and we believe in the great mystery of our faith.
May we always look at everything and everyone with the eyes of the heart, a heart meek and humble like Jesus. (Mt 11.29-30)
"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the good and the bad." (Proverbs 15:3)

Litany of the Saints Eyes of Jesus!
Lord Jesus, give us the Light of Life;
Santos Eyes of Jesus protect our vision of all evil;
Eyes of Jesus teaches us;
Eyes of Jesus cleanses us;
Eyes of Jesus sanctifies us;
Eyes of Jesus cleanses us;
Eyes of Jesus guide us;
Eyes of Jesus saves us;
Eyes of Jesus directs us;
Eyes of Christ depart from us all envy, greed, temptation;
Eyes of Christ blesses us;
Lord Jesus that our eyes are His eyes;
Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ;
Show us;
The Way, the Truth and the Life; (Jo14 0.1 to 6)
Now and Always. Amen! .

"Contemplative Rosary Saints Eyes of Jesus Christ!"With the Cross began the Rosary With the Greeting.
The first account we prayed the Our Father.
In the next 3 (Three) Accounts pray Three Hail Marys in the Exaltation Holy Trinity.
In the next account aspiration pray to the Saints Eyes of Jesus Christ then the Order of the Intercession Santa Luzia (Protector of the Vision and whose feast we celebrate on December 13.).

Salutation: For the sign of the Cross, deliver us Lord our God, our enemies.

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen

Our Father.

At First Ave Maria exalt God the Father to deliver us from evil thoughts.
At the Second Ave-Maria exalt God the Son to free us from the bad words.
In the Third Ave-Maria exalt God the Holy Spirit to free us from the bad feelings.

At last count, ejaculation: "Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ; Show Us, The Way, The Truth and the Life, Now and Always. Amen "And the request:" Santa Luzia, pray for us. "

Then there followed the Five Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, where in each Mystery replace the Prayers of the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory by Prayers that follow:

Always on account of the Our Father, we pray the Prayer of Mystery Current invoking Eyes of Jesus ...

In the 10 (Ten) Accounts of Hail Mary, pray the Prayer of Mystery Current proclaiming the Name of Jesus.

And in the final bill will pray always the aspiration of the Saints Eyes of Jesus Christ and the Order of Santa Luzia, and a personal devotion.

In the First Mystery: (1 X) invoke, "Eyes of Jesus, teach us to contemplate the love of God the Father for humanity.."
(X 10) Jesus, teach us to love.
At last count, ejaculation: "Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ; Show Us, The Way, The Truth and the Life, Now and Always. Amen "And the request:" Santa Luzia, pray for us. "

In the Second Mystery (1 X) invoke, "Eyes of Jesus, leading our gaze to those in need of brotherly love.."
(X 10) Jesus, lead our gaze.
At last count, ejaculation: "Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ; Show Us, The Way, The Truth and the Life, Now and Always. Amen "And the request:" Santa Luzia, pray for us. "

The Third Mystery: (1 X) invoke, "Eyes of Jesus, show us the Truth that comes from Your Word.."
(X 10) Jesus shows us the Truth.
At last count, ejaculation: "Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ; Show Us, The Way, The Truth and the Life, Now and Always. Amen "And the request:" Santa Luzia, pray for us. "

Mystery in Room: (1 X) invoke, "Eyes of Jesus, purify and sanctify our eyes.."
(X 10) Jesus, protect our vision.
At last count, ejaculation: "Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ; Show Us, The Way, The Truth and the Life, Now and Always. Amen "And the request:" Santa Luzia, pray for us. "

In the Fifth Mystery: (1 X) invoke, "Eyes of Jesus, then feelings and words of gratitude.".
(10 x) Thank you Jesus
At last count, ejaculation: "Santos Eyes of Jesus Christ; Show Us, The Way, The Truth and the Life, Now and Always. Amen "And the request:" Santa Luzia, pray for us. "

Then in the fifth Mystery We pray the "Prayer of the Saints Eyes of Jesus Christ."

Prayer Saints Eyes!Lord Jesus, who sees everything;
Nothing hides to Your Look;
Deliver us from all evil;
Do not let you fall in adversity;
With Thine Eyes Saints lead our vision;
Moving away from the temptation, greed, envy and greed;
Let see the path of Truth, the Light of Life, seeing your face in the face of each brother;
Teach us to look at what is right, clear, transparent;
Use our eyes to see things like You Lord;
The handsome, with deep, with kindness;
The terms a look Lord, meek, quiet, humble, and we can see his brother with respect and be servants to the next;
Bless the Lord Jesus, all our eyes, until the hour of our death. Amen!
And ended up with The Glory ... "Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - as it was in the beginning now and forever -". Amen!
And the sign of the Cross, invoking the Holy Trinity.
"Our protection is in the Name of the Lord - who made heaven and earth -".
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

"Guardian Angel, our friend."Guardian Angel wake us, enlightens us, (Exodus 23.20-24)
Our Guard will lead us to the Light of Christ;
Our Friend east all our being;
Guardian Angels save us and give us a good and holy night. Amen!

"When the Holy Spirit"Holy Spirit come to us! (1 Cor 12.1 to 11)
Spirit enlightens us, lead us;
Spirit of Truth teaches us.
Holy Spirit fill us with fire of your love;
Sanctifying Spirit cleanses us, sanctifies us with your gifts;
Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Trinity, save us all the time.
"Virgin of Silence "
I come to Thee;
Dear Mother, Our Lady, Blessed Virgin Mary;
Who followed Jesus, his Son, in every moment of his life (Luke 1:31)
Both in times of sorrow and sadness and the joys and victories;
And at all times, you did this with such incomparable silence!
An example and model in the face of tribulations or joys;
Help us to shut our whole being and not curse or malfazer face of difficulties;
Teach us to be silent and not talk, stop and do nothing;
The silence of the heart to learn to listen to Jesus;
It gives us;
The silence of thinking, seeing;
The silence of listening, the talking;
The silence of the act of feeling;
The silence of the report.
To gain the insight to do good and turn away from evil.
Our Lady, Our Lady of Silence, bless us, protect us and intercede at any time.
Mary in the LiturgyThe Holy Mother Church each Sunday celebrates the Resurrection of the Lord.
Over the years, our church reveals the mysteries of Christ, the Incarnation and the Nativity to the Ascension, the Pentecost and Advent of the Lord.
In this annual cycle of the mysteries of Christ, the Holy Church venerates with special love Mary, because this mother is a valuable reference for the disciples of Christ and love for their children, are an example and model of Faith She was inextricably linked to the liberating action of Son. Thus the Church, liturgy, admires and exalts the person of Mary as a most excellent fruit of redemption, and offers it as perfect image of what the Church herself eagerly want to be.
The liturgical reform reorganized the Marian feasts in the liturgical cycle, thereby giving a positive slant, with more richness and variety in our texts, styles and much richer content.
Mary is presented as a model of Church in the exercise of divine worship and the lively participation of faith, hope and charity.
Saints cycle occupies a prominent place. Solemnity and feasts of the Lord Marian content, the Annunciation of the Lord (March 25) Presentation of the Lord (February 2). And the Marian dogmas: the Immaculate Conception (December 8), Mother of God (January 1), Assumption (August 15). They also concluded with musical festival: Nativity (September 8) and Visitation (May 31).
The Roman calendar lists eight other memories that honor Mary, some are mandatory, others optional: N. Lady of Lourdes (February 11), the Virgin Mary of Mount Caramel (June 16), the Basilica of St. Mary Major (August 5), Queen Mother (August 22) Our Lady of Sorrows (September 15) Our Lady of the Rosary (October 2007) Presentation of the Virgin Mary (November 21) and Immaculate Heart (Saturday after the Second Sunday of Pentecost). We still have the memory of Santa Maria on Saturday and votive Masses.
Mary has many titles, there are several reasons for its origins. For example:
- Cause: Take the origin of such securities, Immaculate, Assumption, Queen, Conception, among others, while never forgetting, that Mary is one, our mother - the mother of Jesus.

- For places of their appearance: Lourdes, Ali, Fatima, Medjugorje, Mexico.

- Titles that resemble its manifestation in our lives: Perpetual Help, Queen of Peace, Help (which helps us in our journey), Mediator (which recalls the apparitions to St. Catherine of Labor, where he had to coin a medal, leading to the Miraculous Medal Our Lady of Grace, to celebrate on November 27).

- Maria is also present in the Mystery of our Faith, as the Son of God the Father, Jesus Christ and Mother of the Bride of the Holy Spirit.

- And there are those titles which appear on the popular devotion or the maternal expression of the children who seek protection in Mary and loving mother. (Our Lady of Health, Agony, Defense Desatadora Us, Good delivery, Guide among others).

- Finally, each title of Our Lady is a reminder of his action in our lives, history, reason for our faith, the mother wants us well and we want this good mother, is an alliance of love, like Schuestatt, Madonna is the great teacher of the Gospel, Mary acts in the family today and every moment of our lives.
Prayer for HealthJesus Doctor of doctors;
The resort Ti, O Son of God the Father, (Luke 1:32)
Come to the assistance;
Give us the comfort of your presence;
A Ti;
We deliver this time of grief, distress;
This restores health Lord Jesus (Luke 5:12)
Tap Cure this evil;
Where only the Lord can Go;
The Lord sees everything you know everything;
We beg your intercession, beloved Jesus;
Pour Thy Mercy, Thy blessing;
The maternal intercession of Mother Mary;
The Lady of Health;
Lord Jesus we trust in You;
And thank You and praise for the liberating action that held here.
Father's Day tribute - Liturgy 13/08/2006Lord God, Eternal Father;
That so richly poured out your blessings;
Enlighten and protect our fathers here on earth;
Give them Fortaleza and Insight to overcome the tribulations;
Hence Peace and Health to work and obtain our daily bread; (Luke 11:3)
Father of Infinite Mercy, (Lk 1.50)
Teach them to have a gentle and humble heart, to be friends, spouses, to be fathers (Matthew 11.29-30)
Pour over them Wisdom and Understanding, to educate, teach their children;
We children thank you Father in Heaven, by parents who gave us here on earth;
E protects forever our parents, who are with You;
Now and Always.
Lord God, our Heavenly Father;
Protect and bless our fathers here on earth;
Give them the wisdom to overcome difficulties;
Peace and Health who have to work and earn our daily bread; (Luke 11:3)
Father of goodness;
Give them a gentle and humble heart like His, (Mt 11.29-30)
They can teach us, as you Father God taught them;
We children thank you Father in heaven, by parents who gave us here on earth;
And protect our dads who, with You in heaven;
Now and forever;

Prayer for Family
Lord God, Eternal Father;
To you praise and thank you;
For the Holy Family of Nazareth (Luke 1:26-38)
She is model, Example and Testimony
Of obedience, hope, faith and love;
Being also complying to Your Will;
Father we pray to Thee;
At the intercession of Jesus, Mary and Joseph;
To protect, bless, enlighten our families;
Pour peace, health, insight;
Let there be no strife, envy, wickedness;
O Father;
To you and thank you deliver, for our families;
That parents have the wisdom of Joseph;
Mothers have the docility of Mary;
And the children get the Teachings of the Christ Child;
God the Father;
We beseech Thy Infinite Mercy and Goodness;
Through the intercession of The Holy Family;
Now and forever.

Prayer for Catechist - Mass Children.Dear God, Our Father in heaven;
We are your children and want to learn;
Pray to the Lord for the life of our catechists;
Who are here to teach us;
May Our Mother Mary bless you;
May the Holy Spirit to enlighten;
We learn from them Thy Commandments, (Exodus 20:1-17)
To grow in faith, prayer and life;
Always fulfilling His will;
Loving Father, we ask the Lord;
Protect and drive our catechists and their families;
May the Mother of Heaven First catechist;
Intercede for their lives pouring Thanks;
They continue to be for us;
The educators of the Holy Scriptures;
Today and always.
Prayer for the catechist.Lord Jesus, that the world have come to save us;
Leaving his Teachings and Commandments; (Exodus 20:1-17)
To properly follow;
Being You, Way, Truth and Life, (John 14:6)
To you, pray and surrender;
The Gift of Life of our catechists;
They can be instruments of Your will;
Illuminated by the Holy Spirit
Teach, educate;
Catechesis not only children but adults as well,
Your holy Teachings and Commandments;
And so;
May we grow in Faith, Hope and Charity;
Dear Jesus;
Protect and bless our catechists
Mary Our Mother, the first catechist;
Intercede for their lives, their families, indoctrinated;
Jesus pours your Graces;
Giving them a gentle and humble heart like Yours, (Mt 11.29-30)
They continue to be for us all;
The educators of the Holy Scriptures;
Today and always.
"Guardian Angel, Friend of the Children!"Guardian Angel, my friend, (Tobias 12:21)
My companion, my protector;
My dear Guardian Angel;
Lead me and save me, (Exodus 23.20-24)
Bless my family and my friends;
And show us our beloved Jesus and Our Mother Mary.
"Mother of Grace!"Oh! Holy Virgin and St., (Luke 1:27)
Madonna of the destitute;
Our Mother and Patroness;
Queen of the oppressed!

Prudent Nunes da Vila;
Parish of the Protector;
Miracles are your deep;
Star heartwarming!

Lady of Targino;
In my poems of praise;
I pray to heaven in silent prayer;
Your blessings, your love!

Oh! Lady of Grace;
By the Sons of your ground;
Beg the shelter;
Peace in your heart!

May Your Holy Mantle;
Come to wrap;
Which leads us Thy Hands;
In light of Thy Suit Look!

And so the parish worships thee;
Matrix and communities;
Mother most pure sweet reason;
About Our Happiness!
"Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida for Kids!"Dear Mother Our Lady Aparecida;
Ms. ask and pray;
Protect Us, We Bless, Give us Jesus;
Ms. consecrate my family, my friends;
And lead me in the Way of Truth and Life; (Jn 14:6)
Mother Sky Morena;
Beware, Help, Pray for us;
Now and Always.

"Personal Prayer to Our Lady of Aparecida!"
Dear Mother Mary Our Lady;
Intercede that our people and protects;
Hail Lady of Aparecida;
To you we raise our prayers and pray;
Listen to us, Bless us, presents us
The Thy Beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ;
Show us the Way, Truth and Life, (John 14:6)
Light Lead-In and in adversity,
To see and reach the Celestial Joy;
Grant us health and perseverance;
Mother in Heaven Morena Cover us with Your Toddler Robe;
In the present Lady and ask, orient our whole being;
Consecrate our families, our friends,
And all the people we take to heart;
Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Queen, Patroness, Mother;
Beware, Visit this, Help, Pray for us;
Now and Always.
Prayer in Honor for 70 Years of the Diocese of Lorena.Lord God Father Almighty;
To you praise and thank yielding Thanks;
Looked for a day to ye our land;
And for your love, (Luke 1:30)
Give us the joy on the protection of Our Dear Mother Mary;
Under the patronage of Lady of Mercy;
Raise our humble community, the title of the Diocese of Lorena;
Many were the blessings, miracles, sorrows and joys;
Seventy years have passed already, many events;
We beseech Thee Eternal Father;
Which by the intercession of Our Patroness, the Lady of Mercy;
Protect us, strengthen us, guide us;
To continue to build the building of Thy kingdom in our Diocese;
There are many people, many communities;
That under Mary's protection and Thy Angels and Saints;
At Lady of Mercy, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Fatima;
Lady Help of Our Lady of Remedies, Senhora da Conceição;
At Immaculate Conception, Santana, Santo Antonio;
St. Peter and St. Paul, San Francisco de Paula, Santa Rita and San Sebastian;
St. Cecilia, St. John the Baptist, St. Joseph,
Bom Jesus do Livramento, Christ the King, Our Lady Aparecida, St. Michael the Archangel ... ... ;
They happen to Grace, (2Pd1, 4)
We ask the Father;
Lead us in Thy Will;
We beg Thy help to overcome the hardships of day-to-day
In all our communities;
For the Intercession of Our Lady Mother of Mercy;
Enlightened by the wisdom of the Gospel;
And Led by the Holy Spirit;
The Ti-recourse God Our Father;
For all the time, let us consolidate the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ;
So be it.
"Prayer before Reading the Bible!"
Lord God our Father, who created all, (RM8 0.14 to 17)
You sent your Son to Save us;
You let the Holy Spirit to sanctify us;
Give us Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, (1Cor12 0.8 to 9)
To discern and live out your Holy Word;
That when we read the Bible;
Can be in communion with Thee;
Reflecting, Learning, Acting;
According to the Writings, the Holy Bible;
Holy Spirit come to us;
Do not allow our attention to depart;
But let yes, we open our hearts;
With the intercession of the Blessed Mother;
To what God wants to reveal;
Now and Always.
"The Bible!"
Word derived from a Greek plural noun meaning "books" and thus indicates a set of books, 73 in all, 46 in the Old Testament (AT) and 27 in the New Testament (NT). Written by mankind, Inspired by God, the Bible is the Letter from God to men. His theme is the salvation that begins with the creation of the world is the history of the chosen people and ends with the Life of Jesus, his message and witness of his apostles. The writings that make up the Bible were written piecemeal, throughout history, over a 10 (ten) centuries, and many were their authors. A large part was written in Hebrew, a small portion in Aramaic and the latest books as in the NT were written in Greek as the dominant language at the time.
From first to last book, Holy Word, the teachings of life and for life, built in the Holy Spirit.
Several translations Hail Mary, Teb, Jerusalem, Pastoral, CNBB Ali among others, following some publishers Paulus, Voices, Pauline, Loyola ... but never forget that the Word of God is one, sown in among the people, the Word who is Life, who guides us feeding our union, as he quotes Psalm 118.105 "Thy Word is a lamp to my feet, Lord."
The Bible must be read with reason and with faith, humility of heart, with prudence be naive, and should be interpreted with the Church.
Christ the Supreme Word, the Bible is his communication with his people, is the revelation.
Virginity is a virtue (Êxodos15 0.1 to 33) (1Cor7 0.25 to 34). For more outdated they may seem, could all taken seriously. It's radical to want only the women are virgins, because they have a hymen that once broken, can cause future trouble ... . The man has no hymen, but is aware that also needs to be saved.
In this modern society that says it does not admit even the idea of dialogue on celibacy, encouraged by some media.
Try sex anyway, leaving only the physical part of it, not just stay in not to have sex, virginity will, moreover, it is a whole spirit of some who prefer to deal in other ways so far to deliver its potential including the physical, then the absolute certainty that the two are one in love.
If the woman or man is no longer a virgin for no reason that only he or she can explain or understand, one must remember that it is possible to maintain a spiritual virginity without getting lamenting a past that certainly no longer exists. Virginity is no escape from the sex, even one day longer be a virgin one should remain pure in relation to two acts.
Virginity is purity of feelings before, during and after sex, it is necessary by reason of illness, even without him.
But we must bear one thing in mind, virginity is something personal, the intimate of each person, it should be noted that not lost their virginity, with affection, (a look, a handshake, a hug, a pat on the face, a kiss ...), but with certain strokes (be the slightest intention of taking responsibility) and acts, and these acts and caresses can not we go beyond our limits.
But we must not alarm before an act that leads to loss of our virginity, because we are human and are subject to certain pitfalls of life, if it happens, not seen as being wrong, but inevitable, because we lost her virginity, but not our personality and dignity, and it is not shameful for anyone, or as a Catholic writer wrote the Father "johnson, SCJ" We need to know that a mistake in life, there is a life of mistakes. "" And add: "It is rather the sin of premarital sex, men and women who practice outside of marriage, and consequently losing their virginity mature and must take the consequences and responsibilities, the society demands it, but it is the first to push for this, and even more wrong we are, that instead of receiving help and reaching out, point the finger judged and condemned. Whoever imagined that we, if God has forgiven in his Infinite Mercy, who are we to curse. If we are children of God Almighty, we also have mercy and love of neighbor - ... our brother
"In the Labyrinth of Life in the Hand of God!"
Man and Woman are versatile;
But they are also vulnerable;
After all are human and as such are not perfect;
Beings are endowed with intelligence, but subject to the surprises of life;
In fact, life is a maze;
Full of twists, entrances and exits, sometimes sinister;
Have obscure passages, sometimes difficult to overdrive;
And you can have tracks that become dangerous shortcuts;
That when I can not fall without a bottom, where the return is not always favorable;
We're immune to everything in our lives;
This maze, which may manifest as envy, jealousy, hatred, lust, greed, temptation, false passions. Personal desires ... ...;
We want to walk straight, but just dropping by crooked lines;
But let us not forget that we have a God;
Who writes straight with crooked lines;
A Greater Being it all and all, which is perfect, it Straight, with doors always open;
And light, and always helps us cope with adversity, we saved and protected from all dangers;
When we fall in poses with his good hands and omnipotent, (LC1, 50) (Salmo86, 15)
Always a safe return;
And all the time tells us and shows off a maze of us approaches;
Because He wants the best for us, because we are his children;
He has created and is the Owner of our lives;
This God And fondly call Father
"A Prayer for All Missions!"
Lord God our Father, that You have made all;
And sent us to do Thy Will;
Our Mission;
IT pray and bless;
Help us to confirm and perseverance of our mission;
Fill us with the Holy Spirit (1Cor12 0.1 to 11)
For bright and covered with the flame of the gifts you have given us;
Can discern and walk in a straight line;
In fulfilling the Christian mission and life beyond borders;
And by the intercession of Saint Therese of Child Jesus, patroness of the missions;
We can see, understand and fulfill our mission, our vocation we trust;
Now and Always. Amen!
Prayer for a moment of agony!
Lord Jesus Christ;
With Your Holy Cross redeemed the world;
To you deliver this time;
Help us, guiding us;
With the Gift of Wisdom, let us reach the overrun; (1Cor12 0.8 to 9)
With the gift of discernment, we can choose the path of Truth, (Jo14, 6)
Lord Jesus;
What Your Blood shed for us;
Cleanse us, cleanse us from all evil;
May your gentle and humble heart, (MT11 0.29 to 30)
Give us comfort in tribulation and perseverance of prayer;
At this moment of agony;
May Our Mother Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows;
Intercede and stand with us in this difficult time;
Beseech Thee Lady of Perpetual Help, Help us!
Jesus Christ Save us!
Prayer for a moment of solitude!Lord Jesus Christ, who by Thy Resurrection (LC24, 7)
Conquered death and freed us from all sin;
We cry to Thee;
The Lord all-seeing all know, that Everywhere;
Come with us;
Friend invoke Jesus Your Presence;
The front of us to guide us;
To our side to guide us;
Behind us to keep us;
Friend Jesus, in the depths of our being, we want to talk with you;
In the silence of our hearts, we listen to you;
Lord Jesus we know that we are not alone;
Because we have the Lord;
But humanly feel lonely at this time;
Thy angels who are with us; (Êxodos23 0.20 to 24)
Thy saints who intercede for us;
And Your Mother Mary, we cover it with grace and love;
Always extend to us all the time;
Now and Always.
Amen! .
Prayer of Hope!
Lord God the Father who created us;
Lord Jesus, God the Son who redeemed us;
Lord God the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us;
In the Mystery of Our Faith, the Holy Trinity, we pray;
What Are Three in One Person;
Be always with us;
Free us from all evil;
Save us from all danger; (Salmo91)
Middle us in adversity;
Purify our whole being;
If we are weak, if we fall;
Hold on to His Hand, lift us to new life;
Help us to learn and understand s Holy Word;
It gives us joy, rest, peace;
And however difficult the situation might be;
For more temptation we face;
Never lose hope;
Our hope, our faith;
Our Lady of Consolation;
Intercede for us with Jesus;
Now and Always!
"Prayer for a Good Relationship!"
Lord God our Father;
The Ti surrender our whole being;
Because the Lord created everything and everything belongs;
Father, to Thee humbly drove this prayer;
But let it be Thy Will, not ours;
Because we know that You want the best for us, his children;
We Protect Our Mother Mary;
May she keep us and lead to a good relationship, (Levíticos18 0.1 to 30)
May we be friends, companions, (Eclesiásticos13 0.1 to 32)
Which always have love and loyalty with our neighbors;
To stay united;
The joys and sorrows, health and disease;
And they never miss the respect and peace;
And with the Favor of God;
Can achieve a New Life, (1Cor7 0.1 to 9)
The Holy Family beseech Thee;
Now and Always.
"In December, the Christmas of a New Life!"
It is December;
Another year goes by, a new year is approaching;
And with him the new situations and experiences await us;
December is the Christmas atmosphere is among us;
Decorations, sparkles, lights, bright nights.
People embrace each other, exchange gifts;
To experience peace, happiness, feelings;
Christmas is the feast, but also, New Life, Birth;
Life that generates life;
He is the Son of God who is born among us, is born in us: (Lk 2, 1-14) (1:14)
Born from St. Mary's womb;
The Manger of Bethlehem to the world, (Luke 2:6-7)
Is the baby Jesus is born that brought us hope;
Making us grow even more in our Faith;
Believe in the Supreme Truth of His Holy Word;
Abandoning the old man, taking the young man;
Why not be the Infant Jesus to our neighbor;
Making Holy Night in Bethlehem;
A day-to-day Saints Achievements;
With peace, happiness and brotherhood;
Forget the hate, jealousy, all that is impure, that leads to disaffection;
Living the mercy of the Child Jesus for us, and practicing with it to our neighbor;
So to be light in their lives;
Feel the love of God the Father, who sends us His Holy Son (Luke 2:11)
Born on this Holy Night, to experience it at all times;
That emotion felt by Mary and Joseph, are in every human heart;
Why Christmas is party;
Is New Life, is Love!
"Consecration to Our Lady of Grace!"
My dear Mother, (Jn 19:25-27).

Lady Mediatrix of All Graces;

I put myself before Thee;

As a child (a) devotee (a) your (a);

I devote all my being, my family, my house, my work;

That in His Holy Hands, Thanks be spilled,

In every moment of my life;

And under your protection;

My actions to fulfill the Will of Your Son Jesus;

"Children Consecration to Our Lady of Grace!"
My dear Mother, (Jn 19:25-27).

Lady of all Graces;

I put myself before Thee;

As a child (a) devotee (a) your (a);

I devote all my being, my house and my whole family;

That in His Hands Thanks be spilled,

In all my life;

And under His protection, I can always follow,

In the Will of Your Son Jesus;

"Consecration to Our Lady of Mercy!"
My dear Mother; (John 19:25-27)

At Lady of Mercy;

I put myself before Thee;

As a child (a) devotee (a) your (a);

I devote all my being, my family, my house, my work;

That by your intercession;

I can reach the Divine Mercy;

And under your protection;

My actions to fulfill the Will of Your Son Jesus;

"Children's Consecration to Our Lady of Mercy!"
My dear Mother, (Jn 19:25-27)

Lady of Mercy;

I put myself before Thee;

As a child (a) devotee (a) your (a);

I devote all my being, my house and my whole family;

That by your intercession and protection,

I can always follow the Will of Your Son Jesus;

And to reach His Mercy;

"Devotion to the Divine Father - Eternal!"
The praise Thee O Divine Father - Eternal;
And we give thanks to Thee;
To Come to our rescue;
Sending Your Son Jesus Christ;
Who redeemed us from all sin;
Let us the Holy Spirit to guide us;
In Straight Path, the Supreme Truth, in search of eternal life, (Jn 14:6)
For the Intercession of the Mother Aparecida;
Now and forever.

Created by Sebastian Aparecido Dias de Lima.
Our Lady of Grace Parish - Diocese of Lorena.
State of the Ministry of readers of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida.

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